Welcome to the city-center of Alençon !

We wish you a pleasant journey and a good shopping in our town.

Welcome !! Our shops are very glad to meet you. Our commercial offer consists of more than 200 stores, including about 120 shops in the historic city-center.

What is Shop’in Alençon ?

Shop’in Alençon is the organization of all the merchants of the city-center, who wants to dynamize the commercial quarter. All through the year, we offer numerous events to maintain a pleasant hustle and bustle in our city. We support local trade and shop owners, by creating a community on social medias, commercial campains, art & craft festival, etc.

Fashion, pastry, gifts, library, hairdressers…

All you need can be found near you. Don’t hesitate to consult our list of open shops and traditional events in Alençon.

Do you need help finding a nice hairdresser, a restaurant, or a gift shop ?

Just contact us ! We’ll be glad to help you find the shop you need.


Rendez-vous at the Tourist Office

There is a lot to visit nearby. If you want to learn more about all you can do or see in our beautiful region… Follow the link to the Tourist Office of Alençon.

Good to know before visiting Alençon

Here are some tips you need to know before beginning your shopping in France.

Many shops are closed on sunday and monday

Some are open on sunday morning (like bakeries) and monday afternoon (like shoe shops). Shopkeepers usually work from 10 am to 7 pm with a lunch break between 12 pm and 2 pm. Also, be careful of our numerous French public holidays, especially in may and november !

We usually take lunch between 12 pm and 2 pm and dinner between 7 pm and 9 pm

We advise you to schedule your lunch and dinner time in the same time as we do in France. Restaurants are likelly to be closed out of these hours, or some of them will only serve beverages. But don't worry, bakeries and take-away restaurants will serve you at any time. Don't hesitate to book a table by phone, if you want to be sure to eat in the restaurant you chose.


All prices are written including taxes

In shops, bars and restaurants, all prices includes taxes and service. Tips are apreciated by bartenders and waitresses, but not mandatory.

Gifts ideas to bring back home

Here are some great products made in Alençon you can offer or keep as a souvenir. 

Alençon T-Shirts and bags – Running Conseil

If you love travelling, maybe you’ll be seduced by this funny printed T-shirt : « Paris – New-York – Tokyo – Alençon ». You can buy it at « Running Conseil », our local sport shop.

Les Sieurs d’Alençon / Le Point d’Alençon

If you are found of chocolate, try the creations of the « Chocolaterie Glatigny » located just in front of the Basilica. Chocolates « le point d’Alençon » refer to the traditional piece of lace invented here, that’s why you can see a beautiful lace pattern on the top of this sweetmeat.

Les pavés du Jeudi

« L’Atelier du Biscuit » is a local bakery that cook fresh biscuits every day. You can taste some « pavés du jeudi » which are named after the cobblestones of the street. A numerous of local flavors and home made cookies are available.

SixOne brand – at Unik’s

« SixOne product » is a local brand of printed and embroidered T-Shirts, sweat shirts, polo shirts, dresses… made in Alençon with love and organic cotton. You can find some « Alençonnais / Alençonnaise » flocked T-shirt (which designates the inhabitants of Alençon) or an original pun. You can find this brand in the « Unik » store, in the main street of the city center.